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Apart from the height and capacity, they also differ in terms of the type of experience, attracting a target that covers all ages. Tutte 3 le torri hanno barre di sicurezza alle spalle, con una capacità che è di 12, 16 o 20 persone. Both of them are Double Shot models, offering 2 cycles of positive and negative G force experiences: riders get lifted and accelerate upwards very quickly, then they free fall, accelerate a second time, and free fall with a gentle bounce back down to the ground. Each tower will operate independently, launch at varying times and have its own staff. Le torri sono tra loro indipendenti: ciascuna ha i suoi addetti, i giri non sono contemporanei e le file di accesso separate. Manufactured by Intamin, this Sky Jump model just like Falcon's Fury installed in at Busch Gardens Tampais 95m high and has a special magnetic braking system designed by the Swiss company. The ride lasts 90 seconds: quite quick, but very thrilling. For a few moments nothing happens and thus the suspense growsthen there are about 5 seconds of pure free fall at 90kmph, accelerated only by gravity. In the last section, the seats return to the vertical position and the braking system is activated, with a deceleration that reaches up to 3.

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