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While the concept of affiliate marketing business, configurable autopilots are excellent for generating revenue, but the truth is that even if you can make a lot of money, affiliate marketing, it doesn’t do much for people doing this. In fact, they are achieving the kind of success they ultimately dream of.

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the mistakes of about 3 affiliate marketing, and if you have the opportunity to build a successful business, you should avoid it. We will also learn how to get residual income from affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula Reviews). The program creates a revenue stream that you earn one month after month, even if you only have to do the work once.

I think the affiliate marketing operation is very clear. He understands the concept of receiving a product or service that promotes part of the selling price, but he just mentions the biggest advantage of this marketing. .. You do not need to create your own product, have your own business or be responsible for the customer service account.

Focus on simply looking for someone who wants to buy your product or service and ask them to follow your link to the merchant’s website. Thereafter, if they decide to purchase through their hard work, you will receive a sales commission. It sounds very simple and conceptual, but affiliates make mistakes at the beginning. Here are the three main mistakes to avoid:

1. They do not capture lead information until the potential customer information is sent to the merchant’s website.

Therefore, many new members just registered as ClickBank, find their own friendship links, and immediately start to send traffic directly to the merchant’s sales page, even without considering the prospect information along the way. Think about it. If you manage to send 100 people to the merchant through your friendship link, and no one chooses to buy the product, you can contact the potential customer again in the future… NO!

However, if you show the lead capture page to the visitor before creating a quote for the consultant, you can capture their name and email address and possibly use them again later. Make another offer. Even better, if the next quote is not of interest, you can take another offer, and another one significantly increases your chances of sending them to your favorite products and ultimately earning you more money. this process

2. Use the website to promote too many offers at the same time.

If you have your own website, it’s easy to think that the best thing to do is to load as much as possible with as much as possible to meet every need and make the widest possible choice for your visitors. The problem with this approach is that, most of the time, you ask anyone to click on one of your links because you can’t choose between all the options.

The best thing with your website is to optimize it for one or two quotes and make sure that your description and “selling” these visitors provide excellent work to your website. This way, when visitors are on your site, they know exactly what they want, and in many cases they will. They will be purchased on the merchant’s website because they spend it. It’s time to pay attention to the promotion I promoted.

3. Allow other affiliates to steal your commission.

Your commission is stolen by other affiliates, and sometimes it affects one of the problems of affiliate marketing (Evergreen Wealth Formula Reviews) companies. So, you can do all the hard work and ask others to get credit (and money) for it. It’s hard to eliminate the theft commission, but you can do something to reduce the risk of this happening, including using the affiliate link “hidden”.

Basically, this means that instead of exposing your member ID to the body of your link, using redirects on your site to hide this information may steal your commission. Then, instead of “http://www.productwebsite.com/AFFILIATEID = …”, you can configure the links to make them easier to use and less likely to be hacked. “Http://web/www.votresite.com/nom_offre”.

So, there are 3 errors that you should avoid if you really want to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry, if you take the time to prepare not to let you take the 3 steps closer to your account. Dream of becoming an affiliate marketing expert. So stay tuned for your business and find the right product to advertise your site and set it up as

The affiliates of nd are properly connected to ensure that commissions are not lost.

But before embarking on this path, this is a good suggestion. You should follow the normal income of one month and one month. All the workload is the same as a single sale. What I am talking about here is to sell products and services through the remaining commission structure, which means that you do not get the payment for the first purchase, and there are follow-up payments (usually monthly). What the customer did to the merchant. .

Think about it for a while, and you’ll understand why you’re more useful than a single payment product, after all, if you can receive payment for the entire month of $10 to $15. Customer’s life. For merchants, this is much better than receiving a $30 payment, so you won’t get any value from that customer in the future. Even if the customer doesn’t spend too much time on the business plan, it may be better, which is one of the ways you can generate automatic revenue month by month.

So staying in the lookout for the affiliate program involving residual income, you will continue to receive initial payment for the down payment, but not the only one, but you will continue to receive money in the future, which means you will be able to significantly improve your account. effect. Advertising investment, providing you with a steady stream of income every month. This is one of the most successful ways for affiliate marketing entrepreneurs to make money every month. Why shouldn’t they do this? Try it, you won’t regret it!